Elevated Economics: How Conscious Consumers Will Fuel the Future of Business

Elevated Economics: How Conscious Consumers Will Fuel the Future of Business

A vital leadership guide to understanding and engaging socially responsible consumers and investors

Consumers and investors have innovated their game. Now you as a leader must innovate with them or face the consequences. 

In this engaging and persuasive guide to the new world of conscious capitalism, entrepreneur and investor Richard Steel details the inevitability of the coming changes in capitalism. 

Our economy has become increasingly values-driven, and consumers have begun to care more about the principles of the companies from which they buy. With an eye toward the future of sustainability, Elevated Economics provides you with:

* Crucial information on the rise of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices.

* Informative, firsthand interviews with Ivy League business school professors and CEOs of successful companies who actively follow the ESG model.

* A framework for understanding trends in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).

Steel makes the case that ESG is more than a burgeoning trend, and as a leader, you must get on board or risk extinction.

Title:Elevated Economics: How Conscious Consumers Will Fuel the Future of Business
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    Elevated Economics: How Conscious Consumers Will Fuel the Future of Business Reviews

  • Venky

    On the 3rd of January 2020, two of the largest Private Equity funds, KKR and TPG, with a combined asset base of approximately $330bn between them, decided to report by April 2020, both the positive im...

  • Almira Manesia

    This book just kept repeating about ESG but I understand how important it is to start investing in this too. The author Richard Steels shows us how this change is taking place in the economical world....

  • Roberto Charvel

    Reading is always enlightening. It is even more interesting when you like and admire the author. I have the honor of knowing Richard Steel who is much more interesting and knowledgable than any bio th...

  • S a r a h  r e a d s a l o t

    Interesting and insightful, this book is a careful analysis of new and now-solidified trends in marketing and capitalism. I found it to be relevant and timely. I do take issue with one area of the boo...

  • Kris

    Rec'd digital version through #GoodReadsGiveaway. My desire to read this comes from renewed interest in public policy & economics.This was a really good read. I was worried, that the terminology might...

  • Sherrie

    ***I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway***The elevated economy is one that is driven by more than just profit...it's driven also by values. Environmental, Social, and Labor practices are key compon...

  • Cchs

    I found this book insightful, thoughtful, and accessible. Structured around real-word examples, the book lays out a convincing argument for an economy in which social return is given equal considerati...

  • James Readel

    Throughout history there are numerous examples of consumers changing buying behaviors, adapting to new products, corporate philosophies, government policies and structural changes to the economy.Mr. S...

  • Jason Caldwell

    If you're looking for a book that gives a very convincing argument on ESG investing and its benefits to the investor, the world, and humanity, look no further than Elevated Economics. However, what I ...

  • Carlo Palmieri

    Most repetitive book I have ever read. Just talks about ESG the whole book and doesn’t point out that most of the companies he lists only have high ESG scores because they’re massive companies wit...