Raised in a violent, unreconstructed Southern family, Thomas Ransom was not the first of his generation to imagine rock & roll as a way out. But he took it to the extreme, becoming an outrageous singer and, at 21, editor of the magazine that invented punk — before crashing in 1970s New York. Still, it isn't music that saves him. It's a soft-spoken painter, who turns out to be the most outrageous character of all. Tom's memoir-like story recounts adventures with both the famous (Springsteen, Clash, Stones, Lester Bangs) and the luminously obscure. And music is just the start. With echoes of Almost Famous and Just Kids, LOUDMOUTH is a novel about growing up while falling down. The debut novel of Robert Duncan, a former editor of the legendary Creem magazine, LOUDMOUTH tracks an impassioned wannabe out among the hippies, punks, and wild geniuses of rock when music was the center of the world.

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  • Nenia ?? Socially Awkward Trash Panda ?? Campbell

    Not really my thing sadly. :/GR review to come, or read it early HERE....

  • Alex

    A fantastic coming of age tale in a time of rock and roll. There were parts that made me laugh out loud and even a few prose images that keep coming back to me (I won't mention spoilers!). Really, rea...

  • Karla

    I received an ARC from LibraryThing's Early Reviewer program. Robert Duncan wrote this crazy, little novel from his unique insider’s view. Written in inimitable, gonzo vernacular, it’s all about d...

  • Mary Tharp

    Loved the story. Good page turner....

  • Mark Singer

    As an avid Creem reader from back in the day I thoroughly enjoyed Robert's semi-fictionalized account (I think?) of his coming of age in the 60s-80s. I took me back to the time before "rock'n'roll the...

  • Brandi Collins

    This was a fun read about Thomas Ransom, a young man coming of age in the late 70s. Set mainly in New York and Detroit, Tom sets out to prove himself first as a punk singer and later as a writer. He m...