Never Turn Back

Never Turn Back

Linwood Barclay meets Michael Farris Smith in this Southern-set domestic thriller about family, vengeance, and atonement from critically acclaimed Southern mystery novelist Christopher Swann.

The bonds of family never truly let go.

In fact, its grip only tightens the further you try to run: crushing and crippling.

Ethan Faulkner is a precocious child with a brilliant but troublesome sister, a war vet for a father and a weary mother trying to manage their family. One night, a young woman rings their doorbell, desperate to hide from two men who are pursuing her when one of the two barges in after her. The struggle leaves both of Ethan's parents dead.

Years later, Ethan has a successful teaching career and a budding relationship with a coworker, Marisa. But he hasn't quite followed through on his promise to dying father--take care of his sister. Susannah is not an easy person to keep tabs on, is a handful even when the tabs are kept, and quite frankly, Ethan wants her to suffer for preventing him from getting to dad before he died all those years ago.

It was a long time ago and Ethan tries to all of it behind him. But it seems to be the only thing Marisa is interested in discussing. When Ethan attempts to break it off, Marisa's reaction threatens to shatter the life that Ethan has carefully constructed. Before long, news of a shocking murder breaks with evidence pointing to Ethan as the prime suspect, leaving him no choice but to dig up the painful memories of the past in order to find the truth of the present.

Lyrically conveyed with emotion and nuance, Never Turn Back is a powerful story about family, vengeance, and how some actions echo through the years with irreparable consequences.

Title:Never Turn Back
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  • MarilynW

    Ethan Faulkner and his family were victims of a home invasion that killed his parents more than twelve years ago. On the surface, Ethan has put this horrendous time of his life behind him and almost n...

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    I recommend Never Turn Back to thriller fans. I could not put this book down once I started. At first, I was trying to figure out where the book was going but really drawn to the characters. Then, I j...

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    Ethan Faulkner is a schoolteacher who along with his sister, survived a violent home invasion that left their parents dead. He has tried to move on from his past, has entered a relationship with his c...

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    Ethan Faulkner and his sister Susannah suffered a horrific event in their childhood. Although his sister still suffers from trauma and mental illness, Ethan has managed to move on and create a stable ...

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    Well, this book is certainly worth of the over four star rating it has received on Goodreads! What a thriller!Ethan’s parents were killed during a home invasion, and while horrific, he has placed it...

  • Michael David

    ⚠️: The synopsis for this book gives a little too much away, in my opinion. It won’t ruin the book for you if you read it, but may ruin one of the surprises. Ethan and his younger sister, Susann...

  • Pat (not getting friend updates currently)

    I really didn’t know what to expect from this book but I was pleasantly surprised. The blurb tells you everything you need to know (and some things you don’t) about the plot, so I won’t go there...

  • CYIReadBooks (Claire)

    Ethan thought it was just a one night stand with Marisa -- until she shows up at his place of employment. What follows is a bizarre case of Marisa stalking and harassing Ethan until one day Marisa is ...

  • Faith

    The parents of Ethan and Susannah were murdered in a home invasion. The orphans were raised by their uncle, an Irish immigrant with criminal ties. The siblings channeled their grief, guilt and anger i...

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    There are many twists, turns, and surprises in this taut thriller by Christopher Swann. It combines some elements I traditionally like (mysterious murder, new but potentially suspicious love affair) w...